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LOUISIANA Hot Wings, So Easy I Can Do It

Louisiana Hot Sauce Hot Wings Fat Kid Food Blog

If I could cook as good as I eat I would probably be some kind of world famous Chef with a fancy name, but the fact is I am way better at EATING than cooking.  So I like easy recipes, really easy recipes and I recently got a bottle of “LOUISIANA The Perfect Hot Sauce ” as a gift, you know your a Fat Kid when you get food gifts and you love it. On the side of the bottle was a recipe for Hot Wings, what caught my attention was how easy the recipe was, just add butter and Im all for that. I had to bake the wings because I don’t have a Deep Fryer (yet), but they came out great!

3lbs. Chicken Wings

1/2 Cup Butter

10 Tbsps “LOUISIANA Hot Sauce”

Deep Fry 10 Mins @400f

or Bake 25 Mins @400f

Cook Wings,Put in Butter/Hot Sauce Mixture, thats it. Easy enough for me.

Louisiana Hot Sauce Hot Wings Fat Kid Food BlogLouisiana Hot Sauce Hot Wings Oven baked


Cupcake in a Jar : Why Didn’t I Think of That

Cupcake in a jar, why didn’t I think of that. What better place for a cupcake or pie than a jar?  These Fat Kid favorites are now portable.   Texting and driving might be illegal in California,  but eating a pie out of jar and driving isn’t.  They also  make great gifts so if you are thinking about rewarding a certain Fat Kid blogger with a gift, im just saying a cupcake in a jar would be awesome.

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