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Chili Four Loko by Epic Meal Time

Crazy Alcohol Rainbow Pig!

Do you know about EpicMealTime.com?  You should!

Chili Four Loko by Epic Meal Time

Late Night Fat Kid Spots: Original Tommy’s

Many of my late missions have ended at this great hamburger joint. I go there for the Chili Cheese burger, it is well worth the mess that I can’t help but make when stuffing my face with the Original Tommy’s Chili Cheese burger.  I also love all the people who show up here late night, it is as if all Angelenos know about this late night Gem.  Pretty much anything can have chili added to it, chili cheese fries, chili hot dog, chili tamales, & chili boat. They also have breakfast check out the MENU. Although The Original Tommy’s is great anytime of day I particularly like a chili cheese burger after a long night on the town. What are your Favorite Late Night Fat Kid Food Spots?