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Vending Machine Cuisine – Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup

Vending Machine Cuisine – Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup

So  another day here at work and im kinda busy so this lunch time will be brought to you by Vending Machine Cuisine.  The choice for today is Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup.  Maybe the pairing of  Instant Ramen and Cheez -Its doesn’t have the type of recognition that Peanut Butter and Jelly do, well not yet anyway, but this combo can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for a quick-lunch or snack and all you have is a couple bucks and a Vending Machine.  I prefer to go with the Beef flavor over the Chicken Flavor Instant Ramen/ Cup-O-Noodles.  There is a certain technique to Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup, you don’t want to throw them all in at once you’ll just get an orange soggy mess.  Throw the Cheez-Its into your Instant Ramen 5-10 Cheez-Its at a time and let them absorb some broth before you eat them.  I tried this before with Cheetos and it didn’t work out well because they get soggy too fast.   Do you got any ideas for Vending Machine Cuisine? Leave a Comment

Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup