Getting Married at Mickey D’s?

Mcdonalds Weddong Mcdonald's fries large coke

Yes the lucky  people of Hong Kong now have the opportunity to get married at McDonald’s. No word what the prize is in the happy meal.  Instead of saying “I Do” they will have to say “I’m Loving It”

Get Married At McDonald’s

Mcdonalds fries large Mcdonald's


What’s Your Favorite CrushCake?

Out of all the yummy creations over at  CrushCakes which is your favorite?

CrushCake Menu

The winner for me would have to be Strawberry Blush. Fresh Strawberry cake topped with rosy pink strawberry frosting.

What’s your favorite? Leave A Comment

Vending Machine Cuisine – Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup

Vending Machine Cuisine – Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup

So  another day here at work and im kinda busy so this lunch time will be brought to you by Vending Machine Cuisine.  The choice for today is Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup.  Maybe the pairing of  Instant Ramen and Cheez -Its doesn’t have the type of recognition that Peanut Butter and Jelly do, well not yet anyway, but this combo can be a lifesaver when you’re looking for a quick-lunch or snack and all you have is a couple bucks and a Vending Machine.  I prefer to go with the Beef flavor over the Chicken Flavor Instant Ramen/ Cup-O-Noodles.  There is a certain technique to Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup, you don’t want to throw them all in at once you’ll just get an orange soggy mess.  Throw the Cheez-Its into your Instant Ramen 5-10 Cheez-Its at a time and let them absorb some broth before you eat them.  I tried this before with Cheetos and it didn’t work out well because they get soggy too fast.   Do you got any ideas for Vending Machine Cuisine? Leave a Comment

Instant Ramen Cheez-It Soup

Bacon Donuts

The Bacon Maple circles of bliss are a Fat Kid dream. They are available at The Nickel Diner In LA. Donut Chcocolate maple LA Nickel Diner

These Bacon Maple Donuts are awesome if your ever in Southern California you should try one.

Frito Lay for Champion Snackers

Being the Champion Snacker that I am I was recently on a mission to stock up,(you know just in case  there is an emergency or something) I  noticed how many chips were from the Frito Lay brand  so I decided to take a Fat Kid look at some of the best Products.

Frito Lay Logo

4. Chester’s Puff Corn

Chesters PuffCorn Cheese Puff Corn Chester's

These puffs of corn are a great alternative to popcorn, Super Buttery Awesome Popcorn that is.  These little puffs just melt in your mouth.  No checking your teeth in a mirror for popcorn pieces after either, but you will have Greasy hands,  Awww yeah.
3. Cracker Jack Craker Jack Caramel Corn Frito Lay Suprise Toy

Is it popcorn? Is it candy? It is crunchy caramel goodness. Did I mention there is a “Prize Inside” Need I say more.

2. Funyuns Funyuns Flaming Hot Funyuns Frito Lay

I never thought I would want an onion as a chip. Then I opened a bag of Funyuns. The Flaming Hot Funyuns  go great with Lemon Juice.

1. Cheetos

Cheetos Flaming Hot Cheetos Frito Lay Chester Cheetah

I don’t know whats better the way this  crunchy cheese puff of perfection taste or the cheese residue left behind on my fingertips when the bag is empty.  Th perfect complement to any sandwich, I might put a few inside the sandwich too.  The Flaming Hot Cheetos with lemon Juice (Fresh Squeezed or bottled lemon juice) were pretty much a staple of my diet high school.

Honorable Mention – Lays, Doritos, Munchos, Ruffles

What Are your favorites? Leave a Comment

Your Bacon Me Crazy!

Bacon is a wonderful gift to mankind, some people couldn’t just leave it at that. Here are some great “outside the box”  ideas for bacon.

Chocolate Dipped Bacon

Two amazing flavors come together to form a salty sweet bacony chocolate bliss.

Country Fried Bacon

Combine Bacon with this fat kids favorite way of cooking(Frying) and you have a delightful treat

Make a Bacon Sculpture

The things people will make out of bacon are amazing.

The Baconkini

The hottest fat kid fashion trend. Beautiful women and the most beautiful food go hand in hand.

Do you got any great bacon ideas?  Feel Free to comment

Where is the best place to get discount Valentines Candy?

It maybe to late to gift that special someone unless that special someone is you.  My Favorite part about Valentines is that the day after you can find big discounts, on those lovely chocolate hearts and other sweet treats.  Its almost like when you used to go Trick-or-Treating and managed to find the person who was over giving out candy and dumped the rest of there stash in your bag.  A little known secret is the candy taste exactly the same the day after Valentines.  Stores like Target/Wal-Mart should have a good selection. Also don’t forget to hit up your local grocer.Where is your favorite place to go and raid the after Valentines day candy supply? What is the best deal you got.

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