Frito Lay for Champion Snackers

Being the Champion Snacker that I am I was recently on a mission to stock up,(you know just in case  there is an emergency or something) I  noticed how many chips were from the Frito Lay brand  so I decided to take a Fat Kid look at some of the best Products.

Frito Lay Logo

4. Chester’s Puff Corn

Chesters PuffCorn Cheese Puff Corn Chester's

These puffs of corn are a great alternative to popcorn, Super Buttery Awesome Popcorn that is.  These little puffs just melt in your mouth.  No checking your teeth in a mirror for popcorn pieces after either, but you will have Greasy hands,  Awww yeah.
3. Cracker Jack Craker Jack Caramel Corn Frito Lay Suprise Toy

Is it popcorn? Is it candy? It is crunchy caramel goodness. Did I mention there is a “Prize Inside” Need I say more.

2. Funyuns Funyuns Flaming Hot Funyuns Frito Lay

I never thought I would want an onion as a chip. Then I opened a bag of Funyuns. The Flaming Hot Funyuns  go great with Lemon Juice.

1. Cheetos

Cheetos Flaming Hot Cheetos Frito Lay Chester Cheetah

I don’t know whats better the way this  crunchy cheese puff of perfection taste or the cheese residue left behind on my fingertips when the bag is empty.  Th perfect complement to any sandwich, I might put a few inside the sandwich too.  The Flaming Hot Cheetos with lemon Juice (Fresh Squeezed or bottled lemon juice) were pretty much a staple of my diet high school.

Honorable Mention – Lays, Doritos, Munchos, Ruffles

What Are your favorites? Leave a Comment


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